Chris B. from Hyde Park, NY, whose Nissan was in for an auto repair service, on 6/6/2014:
"Excellent service and a fair price every single time!"
5 star rating

Anonymous on 6/5/2014:
"good service and local"
5 star rating

David R. from Hyde Park, NY, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair service, on 6/4/2014:
"Clear, concise, done when promised and within the estimate of cost."
5 star rating

William on 5/22/2014:
"Prompt service. Friendly atmosphere. Clean shop. Service that was performed was explained in detail. Any other problems that were found was mention, and customer was advised of it there was no pressure to repair any other work above and beyond the scheduled work. Will recomed others up this shop"
5 star rating

Anonymous on 5/6/2014:
"always great service and very professional and friendly"
5 star rating

The Caar Shop, Hyde Park NY and Staatsburg NY, 12538 and 12580, Auto Repair, Engine Repair, Brake Repair, Transmission Repair and Auto Electrical Service

Hi, I’m John Jaeb, Owner of The Caar Shop.
Your One Stop Shop in Hyde Park, NY

We are an independent Auto Repair Shop using the latest Technology to give you the peace of mind that your car will be repaired properly while enjoying personal service and convenience.
If you prefer the personal touch of a hometown Auto Repair Shop and don't want to drive out of your way for quality auto repair, give us a call.


  • Auto Repair

  • Who do you trust to work on your car? Your car is an incredible machine. Stop and think about all of the complex systems it uses to provide you with Safe and Reliable Transportation. Your car is so intuitive; you don’t realize what’s going on “behind the scenes”. That’s why it is so important to have an Auto Repair shop that knows cars as well as The Caar Shop does. If you’ve been looking for someone who is Passionate about Caring for every little Part of your car, give our auto repair shop a call. 845-229-5781.
  • Engine Repair

  • What do you do when your Check Engine Light comes on? If your Check Engine Light is Flashing, pull over, turn the car off and call the Engine Repair experts at The Caar Shop right away at 845-229-5781. If the light comes on steady and the cars seems to be running OK, make an appointment to have it checked out at your earliest convenience.
  • Brake Repair

  • When was the last time you had your Brakes Checked? Your Car’s Brakes are The Most Important Part of Your Car. You don’t want to put yourself or anyone else at risk by taking them for granted. You can have Your Brakes Checked for $9.95 anytime at The Caar Shop, we’ll even rotate your tires for FREE while we’re at it. Call Now 845-229-5781!
  • Transmission Repair

  • Where do you go when Your Transmission Fails in Hyde Park and Staatsburg? Your car’s Transmission is a complicated part of your car. That doesn’t mean it has to be expensive to fix. Many times Transmission Repairs are as simple as Replacing Old Transmission Fluid or replacing a Sensor or Solenoid. Sometimes a Transmission Rebuild is in order. This should only be done after a thorough diagnosis of your concern. For a Transmission Check Call 845-229-5781.
  • Auto Electrical Service

  • Why does your car’s dashboard have all of those Warning Lights? Your car has all kinds of creature features to keep you Safe, Comfortable and Entertained. You Love them….. When they’re working. When things Bing and Bong and Warning Lights Come On, Come to The Caar Shop. Rest assured whatever plagues your car’s electrical system can be found and remedied.

Chris B. from Hyde Park, NY, whose Nissan was in for an auto repair service, on 6/6/2014:
"Excellent service and a fair price every single time!"

Anonymous on 6/5/2014:
"good service and local"

David R. from Hyde Park, NY, whose Toyota was in for an auto repair service, on 6/4/2014:
"Clear, concise, done when promised and within the estimate of cost."

William on 5/22/2014:
"Prompt service. Friendly atmosphere. Clean shop. Service that was performed was explained in detail. Any other problems that were found was mention, and customer was advised of it there was no pressure to repair any other work above and beyond the scheduled work. Will recomed others up this shop"

Anonymous on 5/6/2014:
"always great service and very professional and friendly"

Anonymous on 5/1/2014:
"No complaints and excellent service"

Cheryl J. from Hyde Park, NY, whose BMW was in for an auto repair service, on 4/24/2014:
"If you want your car treated the way you would expect then the Caar Shop is your way to go! I would not trust anyone but them for any of my car needs."

Bill & M. on 3/19/2014:
"Thanks for the excellence in service and customer service."

Waynem on 3/18/2014:
"Always well taken care of by Matt and Bill."

Tomh on 3/12/2014:
"very happy ! job well done! thanks"

Kevinr on 3/11/2014:
"Matt was great took his time and explained to me all my options. I f you ever need a place where you can trust to get your car fixed, visit the caar shop."

Johnm on 3/6/2014:
"It's business as usual at The Caar Shop

with services preformed at MY convenience, not their's.

This is critical to keep my business vehicle on the road, making money...."

Anonymous on 3/2/2014:
"I was particularly pleased at the price of the oil change and at how quickly it was done."

John & H. on 2/28/2014:
"As usual, wonderful service."

Annf on 2/27/2014:
"Excellent service very pleased"

Tomh on 2/21/2014:

Christopherb on 2/20/2014:
"My son had our families first great experience at the caar shop. We've now brought all three of our families car's there. I'd recommend Matt and team to anyone looking for a reasonably priced, honest, informative, prompt and extremely professional mechanic's shop."

Davidr on 2/18/2014:
"Consistent, great service. Fits me in every time."

Dennis & D. on 2/12/2014:
"Excellent service"

Kathyw on 2/12/2014:
"excellent service as always"

Pamp on 2/11/2014:
Thanks so much for the quick and friendly service. It's great having a shop I can trust right around the corner.

Cherylj on 2/9/2014:
"Awesome service as always. Thank you for accommodating me on such short notice.."

Johnm on 2/5/2014:
"As usual, The Caar Shop provided prompt , professional service on my Colorado truck.

This is a company vehicle so I can't tie it up any longer than necessary.

They completed this fairly involved repair the same day."

Neilc on 1/30/2014:
"I've been servicing my cars at The Caar Shop for many years, and continue to do so. From VW GTI's, to Volvo and now Audi, the Caar shop has always done a great job."

Edt on 1/15/2014:
"Service and skills are great but as we talked about earlier today you need something/ someone to light up the shop. Painting ain't going to do it. Consider my suggestion. With Barb behind the desk people will be coming in to just chat with her. And then their cars will follow. She doesn't need bennies or a paycheck at first. It would be fun to let this rocket fly and see what happens.

Brianh on 1/14/2014:
"They were very helpful. I came in late in the day on a Friday and they went above and beyond to help me."

Anonymous on 1/8/2014:
"Work was performed quickly (same day) and professionally. The CAAR Shop kept me up to date of the problem determination and cost before they did the work and explained what needed to be done. I was happy with the work done."

Bill & M. on 1/8/2014:
"Fast affordable service, thanks again!"

Iand on 1/1/2014:
"Courteous, knowledgeable, and understanding. Matt and the crew never made me feel less than for not being a professional, and aside from the personal touch of providing some good conversation while waiting, I did not have to wait a moment longer than previously arranged. The bill also came under what I was expecting. A great price, an even better value! Thanks Guys! Best to you in 2014!!!"

Johnm on 12/30/2013:
"A great experience -as usual"

Tomp on 12/27/2013:
"Great place. Great service. Matt was the best"

Davidr on 12/25/2013:
"Once again, easy to book an appt. Requested procedures satisfied in a timely fashion. Another good experience."

Anonymous on 12/23/2013:
"Work was completed on time, at a competitive price. Have used this shop for a long time. Continue to be happy with quality of service."

Geraldb on 12/21/2013:
"good maintainence tracking - impressive and very helpful"

Cherylj on 12/19/2013:

Teresab on 12/18/2013:
"The CAAR Shop is great. Everyone's super-friendly, I never feel pressured to have work done if it isn't urgent, and Matt totally helped me and my friend get out of the parking lot during a snowstorm. Good people."

Anonymous on 12/13/2013:
"I was able to schedule an oil change quickly. My car was serviced in a timely manner, and Matt was courteous, as always."

Timw on 12/11/2013:
"Courtesy and Service are the best I have had in along time. I will continue to bring my Vehicles here. I also recommend The Caar Shop to Anyone."

Anonymous on 12/6/2013:
"Matt and the team at the CAAR Shop are great to work with. The work to be done is always carefully explained as to the why's and any and all options are laid out. Questions that might come up are thoroughly answered. All this leads to confidence in the integrity and quality of the work these folks do. That means a lot, especially in these times."

Stevenv on 12/5/2013:
"Great work, fast and honest;. current mags and good conversation to boot!"

Damient on 12/1/2013:
"Though my vehicle was ultimately deemed not worth the cost of fixing, I was pleased not to be charged the full diagnostic fee, and found Matt extremely accommodating on all points. I will very likely return when the need arises."

Jim & D. on 11/22/2013:
"great job guys thank you bunches i really appriciated your help in getting my car home your the best thanxbeing in a wheel chair stinks when u cant even drive anf u were so willing to help out not many places would do thatmatt your a doll"

Michelle on 11/22/2013:
"John and his staff have been servicing my vehicle for 12 years! I don't think I would still be driving this vehicle if it wasn't for their expert service and recommendations over the years to keep it in tip top shape. Above all, they are honest! I never feel pressure to have a service done. Recommendations are made and explained in terms I can understand and then I can make an educated decision as to when I should get a service done. Thanks for all these years of superb customer service Michelle Thomas"

Johnm on 11/6/2013:
"Thanks for sorting out the 911.

As usual, you provided prompt and professional service"

Leeh on 11/1/2013:
"Excellent advice and then excellent service. Always a pleasure doing business with the Caar Shop. Thanks Matt and John!"

Joe & G. on 11/1/2013:
"Hi John,
Normally I have nothing but good things to say about your work. You have kept my cars running pretty smoothly for a few years now. However, I do have a concern with my last two visits for my 1999 Ford Expedition. During the first visit you inspected my car and certified it. My concern is that about a week later, I lost safe use of my breaks with no warning. it turned out to be my rear break line leaking. Maybe I am expecting too much, but aren't things like brakes and brake lines part of the inspection?
Do not worry, you are not loosing a customer! Your good work on my cars still makes me a satisfied customer.
I also want to thank you again for coming to pick me up at my home when I was unable to get a ride to your shop. It is things like this that have kept me coming back to your place of business."

Cherylj on 10/29/2013:
"As always I would not trust my car to any other place."

Waynem on 10/23/2013:
"Great service, every time!"

Davew on 10/12/2013:
"Best car service in Hyde Park All pros Always trying to give you the utmost respect and care Ive been going there many years now and they always treat me and my car with respect and great service"

Davidr on 10/10/2013:
"perfect, as usual"

Kellym on 10/9/2013:
"Always friendly and honest with pricing"

Joe & G. on 10/9/2013:
"I recently brought my car in with a "mostly" flat tire. I left the car at the shop with the keys and an attached note. Matt contacted me with the results of looking at my Expedition and also recommended some needed maintenance: inspection and oil change. All work was done in a timely manner."

Sharonp on 10/1/2013:
"As usual, service with a smile."

Tracyh on 9/29/2013:
"Excellent, Friendly Service As Always!"

Johnm on 9/21/2013:
"Thank you for your prompt service on the Colorado.
It's important to keep this company vehicle going so I was pleased that
you were able to resolve this serious problem as soon as possible.
I appreciate the professional service you continue to give me."

Stevem on 9/20/2013:
"The CAAR shop is reliable, trustworthy and fair. What more can you ask for."

Anonymous on 9/9/2013:
"Matt and the staff are great. Any work needed is clearly explained, questions answered, and options are shared when they exist. There seems to be a genuine interest both in the quality of the work done, and in being customer-centered."

John & H. on 9/6/2013:
"Excellent service as usual."

Kristinr on 9/4/2013:
"As always very good, thanks! Will continue to recommend to family/friends"

Rayb on 9/1/2013:
"Everything done right and in a timely manner. Very professional and courteous."

Davidk on 8/27/2013:

Timw on 8/25/2013:
"Great experience. Would Highly Recommend."

Anonymous on 8/25/2013:
"I rely 110% on the CAAR Shop to keep this non-mechanic going--and they're always there for me. That kind of confidence in knowing I'm getting the straight scoop, and that mechanically, the car is good to go speaks volumes!"

Anonymous on 8/24/2013:
"Excellent service as always!"

Anonymous on 8/23/2013:
"Very helpful and informative. Recommend to all my friends."

Grega on 8/23/2013:
"Matt, and John were extremely professional. My car is running great, and fixed very fast too.i will be using the Caar Shop in the future as well.
Thank you,

Allisonj on 8/3/2013:
"I had a good experience, I did not have an appointment and the rep, was nice enough to service my vehicle. They were quick and gave me information on a problem they found. A very convenient location."

Anonymous on 8/3/2013:
"Work was completed on time, and problems were fixed. I was kept informed of progress, and asked before any additional repairs were made."

Tanyab on 8/2/2013:
"Always accommodating and friendly. They do great work and have reasonable prices."

Anonymous on 7/28/2013:
"The Caar Shop is the best place to take my car for repairs, maintenance or advice. It is organized, clean and comfortable. The owner gives honest advice and recommendations. I've stopped by the shop several times when my car is making strange noises or a warning light comes on. The owner will put the car on the lift for free and tell me if the car needs work immediately or if it just a minor issue. Not to mentioned putting air in my tires or fixing a flat tire for minimal charge or free. I never feel like I'm being lied to like many other places that I used to bring my car. He stands by his work and the customer service is beyond compare. Thank you for all the advice and great service !!

Williamc on 7/25/2013:
"Work was done well and in a timely fashion.

Prices have gotten higher than I would like them to be."

Anonymous on 7/25/2013:
"The Caar Shop has taken very good care of my car and earned my trust."

Cherylj on 7/21/2013:
"Thank you as always for a great job"

Bill & M. on 7/8/2013:
"Excellent service. Thanks"

Edwards on 7/5/2013:
"Prompt scheduling of an appointment followed by friendly and informative service."

Stephens on 7/4/2013:
"very best in service ."

Davidr on 7/2/2013:
"Quality service with every visit. Keep up the great work guys!"

Charlesp on 6/26/2013:
"We continue to be very happy with the care and quality of service
we have received at the CAAR Shop over many years."

Caroll on 6/23/2013:
"Car was inspected in a timely manner and my son had no complaints."

Anonymous on 6/23/2013:
"My son brought the car to THE CAAR SHOP because my husband always went there and was always satisfied with the service he received. Since my husband passed away recently..I asked my son to take the car there because my husband liked and trusted the people that he dealt with at your place of business. My son had no complaints and was a satisfied customer as well."

Chuckc on 6/18/2013:
"inspection was done timely,"

Laurenm on 6/17/2013:
"Being new to the area, I checked out on-line reviews for car repair shops when my brake lights stopped working. The Caar Shop had lots of positive feedback and I agree! They made my appointment quickly, and fixed the problem in one day. Matt the mechanic was informative and up-front about all repairs and charges. Great service!"

Craigb on 6/10/2013:
"considering the amount of work done I'm happy with the results.
Too bad the car is old with alot of miles."

Anonymous on 6/8/2013:
"Car serviced, problem found and fixed, and warranty on previous muffler purchase honored."

Johnm on 6/2/2013:
"This is a great shop."

Jefft on 5/23/2013:
"Always great service!"

Rayb on 5/18/2013:
"Very well done, done in timely fashion."

Jeff & L. on 5/13/2013:
"I am very pleased with the first rate customer service I received. Matt is exceptional and carefully explained the work that was done on my FJ and showed me the worn out parts and explained how they work. It's challenging to coordinate getting the FJ to HP from Pok but I like this shop!! Jeff"

Johnm on 5/7/2013:
"As usual, you provided a pleasant experience,
prompt ,good quality service at a reasonable price."

Davidr on 5/1/2013:
"always a good experience with these guys! keep up the good work!"

Rex & M. on 4/27/2013:
"To borrow John's own words "expertise and integrity" continue to come across whenever we do business with the CAAR SHOP. Matt as service manager appears to share these values as well.

We were highly satisfied with the work done recently on our 2000 Sebring convertible."

Williamc on 4/21/2013:
"work was done relatively quickly.

tech was honest about the difficulty of work to be done, even though it resulted in my NOT having it done."

Anonymous on 4/20/2013:
"Car in for basic service and NYS inspection. Technician found something that needed to be taken care of. I was contacted, the service was explained, and completed on time."

Kathyw on 4/18/2013:
"Always good service"

Anonymous on 4/18/2013:
"Staff took time to explain details of the repair. Well organized and thorough."

Williamc on 4/13/2013:
"Appointment given quickly. Work completed well and on schedule."

Jefft on 4/12/2013:
"Always a good experience"

Richardg on 4/4/2013:
"Good caring mechanics"

Nancyd on 3/30/2013:
"I appreciate doing business with the Carr Shop,of which I have been a satisfied customer for eight or so years. All employees of the business are very polite and professoinal. I always am pleases with the honesty I have been received over the year.s. Thanks to John and I welcome you Matt."

Tanyab on 3/26/2013:
"Very helpful and knowledgeable!!!!!!!"

Jim & D. on 3/21/2013:
"great work"

Duanew on 3/16/2013:
"great service and future maintenance items pointed out to keep an eye on was very helpful to avoid problems."

Stephens on 3/14/2013:
"Diagnosed the problem ,made suggestions for remedies. And executed the repair quickly. I would sum up the experience as
excellent all around."

Vans on 3/14/2013:
"John is careful to explain what's wrong and what needs to be done. I'm definitely in good hands when I take my car here!"

Anonymous on 3/14/2013:
"Excellent quick service. Will do business with them again."

Jim & D. on 3/12/2013:
"always recomend you guys very good at checking everything great to recieve reminders thanks"

Anonymous on 3/9/2013:
"Excellent service as always! I would never trust my car to any one else!"

Stevem on 3/7/2013:
"The CAAR shop consistently provides me with fast, friendly and trustworthy service. I highly recommend them."

Kathyw on 3/6/2013:
"Good service and done on time."

Anonymous on 3/5/2013:
"I was able to get an appointment quickly. The work was done in a timely manner. When a question arose, they called and it was easily resolved. I already have an appointment with a different car."

Craigb on 2/27/2013:
"Thanks for taking care of my wife's car without an appointment.


David & T. on 2/22/2013:
"The guys at the caar shop did a good job. They did not try to milk us for any undo repairs. Personally nothing makes me run like a jack rabbit then a business that tries to rip people off.
One thing though, you guys need a update of your waiting area. Get rid of those old chairs and throw down some new carpet. Maybe have a coffee machine available for your customers. Maybe loose a bay and expand some of your main office area. Just some ideas...Dave."

John & H. on 2/21/2013:
"Excellent as usual"

Rayb on 2/20/2013:
"Done quickly, done correct and convenient"

Valeriel on 2/15/2013:
"My experience was most excellent...as usual!
I highly recommend this shop."

Craigb on 2/12/2013:
"Thank you for non scheduled appointment, as ususal the work was done quickly and promptly."

Mikee on 2/8/2013:
"Always good work....time estimate a little off"

John & H. on 2/6/2013:
"We are extremely pleased to have discovered your organization. We are almost always satisfied with your service."

Phil & E. on 2/2/2013:
"The work is completed on time, at or below the estimated cost. This is an honest establishment that does quality work."

Tracyh on 1/28/2013:
"Thank you for squeezing me in for an oil change! And for your always friendly enjoyable service!"

Williamc on 1/26/2013:
"Caar Shop installled a new timing belt, along with all that should be done with it, such as a water pump, all new hoses, belts, anti-freeze and connections etc.
With slightly over 110,000 miles, a noticable difference in the vehicle's responsiveness is quite obvious. It is much quicker to respond with just a touch of the gas pedal, and runs smoothly and almost seems like a new car again.

It has never run better since I bought it at 62,000 miles.

Worth the money to do the job, if you intend to keep the vehicle. Caar Shop completed it in a timely fashion in less than a day, and at the price quoted."

Nancyd on 1/26/2013:
"It's so nice to deal with individuals who are very pleasant.
They do a ver thorough inspection of my vehiclenandn keep it up to date on any thing it needs. I'm very satisfied."

Karens on 1/25/2013:
"Always a good experience"

Williamc on 1/23/2013:
"Work was done on time and at the quoted price.

Vehicle seems to work fine."

Kathyw on 1/23/2013:
"As always prompt and good service on my car."

Ken & I. on 1/22/2013:
"Thank u guys for your excellent work!!!!"

John & Ann M. on 1/20/2013:

Anonymous on 1/19/2013:
"The caar shop is an excellent establishment."

Anonymous on 1/18/2013:
"Great service. Fixed my problem same day and gave me ride back and forth."

Daver on 1/18/2013:
"V ery satisfied with the work done on my car."

Johnm on 1/17/2013:
"I can always count on the Caar Shop to stand behind
their products-"no questions asked""

Neilc on 1/17/2013:
"It's always a great experience. Alex is a pleasure to deal with, he takes care of our car like its his own. I highly recommend The Caar Shop. It may not look like much but the people make the place ."

Kevinr on 1/15/2013:
"Treated me great as always. See you soon for my tires and a oil change"

Billw on 1/10/2013:
"State inspection this time. The new wipers a really nice."

Johnm on 1/10/2013:
"Service was timely and professional as always"

Stephens on 1/5/2013:
"A good experience inspiring trust"

Anonymous on 12/28/2012:
"Work was completed correctly and on time/early."

Cherylj on 12/28/2012:
"As always, the best service ever! I like knowing that my car is placed in the hands of mechanics that would treat my car like I would want i t to be, the service is top notched, I recommend the Caar Shop to everyone that is talking about their mechanic poorly or is looking for a mechanic."

Anonymous on 12/27/2012:
"Excellent service. Dropped my car off on a Sunday and had a phone call by 9am with an estimate. Work was done quickly and car runs like new."

Sandrab on 12/20/2012:
"Very satisfied. Everyone was courteous and efficient. Thank you."

Jefft on 12/19/2012:
"Freindly people, great service!"

Davidr on 12/15/2012:
"Been loyal to the Caar Shop since I bought the Toyota. Still runs well, that's enough for me."

Carld on 12/14/2012:
"Alex is the best. He's knowledgeable, personable, and makes it a pleasure to continue my longstanding reltionship with the CAAR Shop."

P on 12/14/2012:

Charlesp on 12/10/2012:

Kevinz on 12/8/2012:
"Am very satisfied with the work that John and his crew do.
I highly recommend The Caar Shop to anyone."

Stevenv on 12/7/2012:
"Expert service, great communication. Good people: bring your car here!"

Jim & D. on 11/28/2012:
"always does a great job good timing not to long to get things don very friendly staff would highly recommend"

Anonymous on 11/17/2012:
"John and his staff are competent mechanics, but if you obtain parts through them, expect to be overcharged. This single fact has been the greatest deterrent to becoming a consistent patron of their shop."

Neilc on 11/17/2012:
"Great service and serious mechanics. Type A management. I service a VW GTI and a Volvo V70. I always trust John and Alex and crew to provide first rate advice and repair at a fair price. Don't let the looks fool you."

Bill & M. on 11/8/2012:
"Appreciate the honesty and quality of work done. Thanks."

Patrickm on 11/7/2012:
"I was having electrical problems and stopped by on the spur of the moment. I was given immediate attention and help within a few minutes."

Williamc on 10/24/2012:
"Work done quickly and well despite the wrong parts being supplied the first day.

Car runs great!!!

Alex is right on top of things."

Jasons on 10/23/2012:
"I recently had an oil change and an inspection done. As always, they went above and beyond. Always friendly service and always great service."

Anonymous on 10/19/2012:
"We have been going to The Carr Shop for about six years now and I can honestly say I have only good things to say them. 5 star for reliability, service and honesty. Need I say more?"

Robert & N. on 10/18/2012:
"YOUR work is always excellent. You will call to keep us informed if things beyond the ordinary need or might need attention soon, and that saves us time and energy t reschedule. We are confident that you are always looking out for our best interests.
Loyalty is ateo way atreet. We depend on you, and we know that the service we receive is the best."

Anonymous on 10/10/2012:
"I was pleasantly surprised. The staff was prompt and unlike other shops they were not pushing to sell me a product. They supplied me with information about my car with options. Very happy with the service."

Davidb on 10/5/2012:
"I am a repeat customer and I had diagnostics run on my 99 sentra. I thought the rate for a diagnostics was rather steep and feel that some kind of break in prices should be given seeing that I come back with my car problems. I don't feel that I am owed or deserve a break but I'm also not made of money. A price break would be nice, and give me more incentive to come back rather than look for a new mechanic shop.

Just a though"

Williamc on 9/27/2012:
"Hi John,
Alex is a big help. He troubleshoots and finds problems before they become bigger.
Bill Cullen
PS - I wish your prices were just a little lower - Alex has no control over this, so I thought I would tell you."

Valeriel on 9/11/2012:
"Once again, John, Alex and their crew came through with flying colors and saved the day. My car was nearly dead on arrival but a tune up, new battery, lube and oil change later, it's back on its wheels ready to hit the road. The diagnostic they provided was accurate while my assumptions of what was wrong weren't. Thanks for their diligence in "looking for the bug".
As for the cost, half of what I thought. What can I say?
You can trust those guys."

Rayb on 9/9/2012:
"As usuall the service was done in the time stated and workmanship was good."

Sandrab on 9/1/2012:
"Everything's fine with my car--the tires stayed on all day!

It was a pleasure also to meet your customer with the iPad--she was a lot of help, too.

Thank you."

Timothyb on 8/30/2012:
"The crew here is professional and earnest. I came in to have abs system on a 2001 Volvo repaired. The ABS sytem module was replaced and the brake pump replaced satisfactorily and I have no doubt the repair was done properly. My only dissatisfaction is that this shop does not have the proper reset tool to turn of my ABS alarm light off, so it stays on even though I know the system was repaired and no doubt needed repair."

Nancyd on 8/29/2012:
"As usual it was very profressional. Alex is always courteous and very attentive to what is needed for the car, I really apprecite the quick service."

Stephens on 8/28/2012:
"Good service and informed me that I was too early for an oil change. Inspires confidence."

Clairel on 8/26/2012:
"I always use you guys, I trust you to do the right thing and so far I feel that is what you do. I have sent many family friends your way and will continue to do so."

Anonymous on 8/23/2012:
"I went to this shop after I had an emission issue with my Durango. Not only did they fix it but they offered spot on advice for the future of my truck. With their new location it's way more convient and I will be taking any future vehicles there for service and maintaince."

Donaldr on 8/10/2012:
"I have been to The Caar Shop twice. Both experiences were professional and pleasant. They fixed the items requested and did an excellent job of it."

Chrisa on 7/16/2012:
"Quick, professional & friendly service, as always!"

Valeriel on 7/13/2012:
"Once again, the team @ the CAAR shop managed to get me in and out in timely manner and give me an accurate diagnostic on my car.
Now I know how I can budget repairs and maintenance for the months to come!
Thank you gentlemen!"

Anonymous on 7/12/2012:
"exellent service as usual ......"

Waynem on 7/9/2012:
"Everything was completed as estimated and finished in a timely manner.
Workmanship is excellent and customer service is carried out very professionally."

Williamc on 7/7/2012:
"Fit me into the schedule again; I appreciate it.

Work done quickly and fairly.

Alex is helpful to deal with."

Mikev on 7/6/2012:
"Car went in for a couple items, including replacement of steering rack and oil pan gasket. After the repair, we noticed something was not just right, and called the shop. They got the car back in, fixed the concern with no charge, and all ended well. I've been a customer for a number of years and this was one of the few times a car had to go back in... but nice to see the problem handled promptly, and corrected."

Maggiec on 7/6/2012:
"After many years of frustration dealing with local automotive repair shops and dealerships, it is so nice to find a place where the service is excellent, the people are friendly and most all they don't make you feel like an idiot when you don't know much about cars. I have a very busy life and I don't have time to think about car maintenance, inspections, etc. The CAAR Shop sends me reminders and coupons to help me keep my car up-to-date on maintenance and preventative car care. They have gone way above my expectations on customer satisfaction and trust. This is the best car repair shop in the Hudson Valley!!"

Lisak on 6/30/2012:
"Not only did John and co. fix my car, they did so within the limits I set (the car is on its last legs, so not worthy of expensive repairs). And then explained it all in terms I could understand. I don't know any other car mechanics that will work so closely with customers, adapting their solutions to the customer's specific situation. That's why I drive an extra half hour to get my car fixed here, and why I am still driving it two years after I thought it was cooked. Caar shop is a rare, great find."

Nancyd on 6/29/2012:
"I appreciate the promt service and also being thorough with checking the vehicle,s fluids throughout the car and keeping record to keep car in good running order. Thanks"

Anonymous on 6/15/2012:
"I only went for an oil change, they saw some things that should be taken care off, but they didn't try and sell me on a bunch of unnecessary stuff. Would recommend them."

Davidr on 6/14/2012:
"l/o/f , 4 new tires, alignment, new belt - all done the same day without hassle ;
you will continue to get my business and I will "plug" yours !"

Mike & P. on 6/7/2012:
"Done quickly and expertly. Very happy as always with the work."

Danielg on 5/21/2012:
"We've been going here for years and John and the guys always do a great job both with our cars and with customer service. Highly recommend this shop!"

Davidb on 5/17/2012:
"new clutch and machined my flywheel. so good, so good. thanks a lot for quick service. great job"

Chrisa on 5/3/2012:
"Prompt, courteous service, as always!"

Dave & M. on 4/30/2012:
"As usual - Professional and thorough. Thanks."

Charlesj on 4/28/2012:
"The new flux capacitor runs like a charm."

Robertg on 4/27/2012:
"Did not replace anything because the parts needed had to be ordered. Nothing else to comment on!"

Johnm on 4/27/2012:
"I experienced a problem with my Chevy Colorado delivery vehicle on Wednesday morning,but after a quick call to Alex at the Caar Shop the parts were obtained and thge problem was resolved by 9A.M on Thursday, keeping me on track with my pick ups and deliverys.I thought the response time was excellent and the price reasonable"

Karlr on 4/17/2012:
"John and his team at the Caar Shop are very meticulous, thorough and trustworthy. Always friendly and don't try to over sell you. They always give me the facts and advice I need to make my own decision as to what I want done. There advice is always very honest and I have never felt that I have been had like at some of the other shops..."

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